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If you’re here, you’ve read or are reading my chapter in the book, Holistic Mental Health. Thank you! I hope you are finding tools to support yourself and your family. 

 This page includes the resources I referred to each book to further support you in finding peace among the chaos.

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Activate your calm in three minutes

Use this intentional breathing and tapping technique to help improve self-regulation and bring instant calm into your life. Utilizing this tool daily will support you in managing stress better and may strengthen immune system response. Additionally, use this technique when you feel triggered so that you can quickly regain composure and respond to your children, partners, colleagues, clients and stressors in a conscious and effective way. 

Please also check out the HeartMath Institute to learn more about the science behind heart coherence and its powerful effects on mental health. (HeartMath Institute)


Click here for the steps to achieving calm in just three minutes. 

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Cutting Cords Meditation

In my chapter in the Holistic Mental Health book, I explain how using the process of cutting cords can free siblings from the emotional buildup of resentments, jealousies, irritabilities, etc, that can make it difficult to feel safe and at peace in their relationship. 

You can use this meditation on behalf of your children by visualizing them standing in front of one another. Or you can create a calm meditative space for your children, explain to them about the process as detailed in the book, and then play this audio track. 

Remember, this tool is highly effective for all types of relationships. If you would like further guidance on this technique, reach out here and schedule a cord cutting session with me and together we can go deep and free you from your negative attachments. 

Play meditation here: 

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We can meet in person at my office in Miami or virtually through Zoom. Either way, your environment during sessions is essential. Please be prepared to be in a place where you can relax and let go for 60-90 minutes. Let's get together and feel all right. 


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