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Sound too good to be true? I thought so too until I began practicing it daily. And while some days it might take me a little longer to achieve that sense of inner peace, three minutes is a great place to start.

Three Minutes to Calm

Use this intentional breathing and tapping technique to help improve self-regulation and bring instant calm into your life. Utilizing this tool daily will support you in managing stress better and may strengthen immune system response. Additionally, use this technique when you feel triggered so that you can quickly regain composure and respond to your children, partners, colleagues, clients and stressors in a conscious and effective way. 

Please also check out the HeartMath Institute to learn more about the science behind heart coherence and its powerful effects on mental health. (HeartMath Institute).


Step 1: Bring your awareness to your heart center. 

Step 2. Think of something you love. It can be a person, pet, place, memory, etc.
As you focus on these stimuli, feel positive feelings radiating from your heart. I recommend the first time you do this, to access in your heart and memory bank a handful of things you can use in the future that you know for sure, without even having to think about it, that when you place your attention on this item, it will activate a feel-good feeling. (My go-to is imaging my puppy's face when I come home from a long day).

Pitbull Portrait

Step 3: Place your left hand over your heart center (best if you can touch the skin, which can help stimulate oxytocin). 

Image by Fa Barboza

Step 4: Get ready to tap on the back of your hand.

Step 5: With your hand over your heart, and your awareness on your feel-good button, take a deep break imaging that you are breathing into the front of your heart center for the count of three. Then exhale to the count of three from the front of your heart.

Do this for three minutes at least (use a timer if needed). Remember to practice daily. It will be easier to access the benefits in times of stress if your mind-body have already created rode map for coherence. 


Pro-tip: Inhale into the front of your heart, exhale through the back of your heart. Inhale through the back of your heart, exhale through the front of your heart. 

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We can meet in person at my office in Miami or virtually through Zoom. Either way, your environment during sessions is essential. Please be prepared to be in a place where you can relax and let go for 60-90 minutes. Let's get together and feel all right. 


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